Along your journey you will be interacting with a number of specialists and support staff who are there to help you. So as you are aware of their role, and how they will help you, we've given some information about what they do, and how they will help you.

Prehab Staff

30 minutes of activity a day

Following your diagnosis, there may be a temptation for your friends and family to do things for you. Exercise will help both physically and mentally, and many day to day activities can be a good form of gentle exercise.

20-30 minutes of activity every day is a good goal. This could be a 10-15 minutes activity in the morning and then another 10-15 minutes in the afternoon.  When you are comfortable with this level, you may want to increase your level of exercise.

Yoga, Swimming, Pilates
Running / Jogging, Cycling (home exercise bike or out on the road)
Socialising, Dancing, Zumba
Playing with your children or grandchildren
Housework including, cooking, vacuuming, washing up ironing and laundry
Completing day to day activities whilst standing
Avoiding sitting down for long periods of time
Walking up the stairs
Walking outdoors or walking to the local shops and carrying your shopping

Getting you started with exercises

We have a number of videos to help and inspire you to get started with your exercises. Below is the first of these, introducing you to HIT for patients.

There are plenty of other videos to help you along the way. Here's a link to them.