Let’s Talk Digital 2022

Let's Talk Digital 2022

Let's Talk Digital with Hastag wide


First quarterly meeting now on youtube: Quarterly meeting

The inaugural Let’s Talk Digital conference on the 18th of March 2022 was a great succcess. Lots of great digital innovation to show case and learn from and we talked about the elephant in the room several times throughout the day. We had people joining us locally from the South West and further afield from Wales, Scotland and even as far away as Brazil. 

Feedback was greatly appreciated. Example extracts from the post-event survey include: 

  • “Enjoyed thoroughly”
  • “Gained an understanding of what is occurring in the digital world outside of the organisation I work in, but locally.”
  • “Looking forward to being part of similar upcoming events”
  • “I think it worked really very well, even given the hybrid nature of virtual and in person attendees”
  • “Opened up an avenue of possibilities I wasn’t really aware of”
  • “It was an amazing event, and the online format could spread the information throughout the world (in my case, for example, to Brazil!). Congratulations”

Useful feedback which will be used to improve next year’s conference can be categorised as:

  • Shorter sessions with more time for Q&As
  • Better audio for people joining virtually (we are hoping to hire an audiovisual team)
  • Greater time for networking (longer coffee and lunch breaks, perhaps name badges)
  • Greater representation from different specialities and working groups
  • Don’t hold during the Cheltenham races

A spin off from the “Let’s Talk Digital” conference is the creation of a “Let’s Do Digital” clinical informatics hub. The name can be changed if there is a general consensus for this, but for now we feel a “Let’s Do Digital” hub is a good name. We hope to officially create a Gloucestershire or even South West branch of the clinical informatics hub. This would be a place for digital innovation at the frontline, building digital solutions for the benefit of both staff and patients.

We are organising the first quarterly ‘Let’s Do Digital’ meeting on the 15th of July at 11am over Zoom. Mark Bailey plans to be at the Digital Summer School at the time, which itself will be running from the 14-15th of July. So if you are their in person, please join him there, however this will naturally be a hybrid event so you can join virtually. Below is the link to the EventBrite event. Please register. Please also share the eventBrite event link with friends and colleagues.

EventBrite event

Recordings from the conference can be seen at: