Personalised Care and Support

Personalised Care and Support (PCS) Introduction

The Alliance recognises that living a good quality of life is as important to people as survival, and receiving care that is tailored to a person’s needs can have a significant impact on their experience and quality of life.

More people than ever are living with and beyond cancer with an estimated 170,000 people in the South West.

The Cancer Alliance is committed to ensuring that every one of these people receive personalised care and support from cancer diagnosis onwards, as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan The Personalised Care & Support team bringing together service providers and commissioners to improve support for those living with cancer in the Somerset, Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire area.

Patient Quotes

“Because it helped you put things into perspective and also you are helped to understand what aspects of your post diagnosis life are to be expected and how you can address them if necessary.”

"This is an excellent way for people to find out more about what support is available and where to go for further information. The advice I had about managing my fatigue has allowed me to learn to pace myself and manage my energy levels. I have started work again and feel so much better."

“Thank you for helping me to feel more in control and in charge of my cancer”