Colon Capsule Endoscopy (CCE)

The SWAG Cancer Alliance are part of the National Colon Capsule Endoscopy pilot (CCE). A new innovative test introduced by NHS England as an alternative to the traditional colonoscopy.

A capsule containing a miniature disposable cameras which patients can swallow to get checked for cancer are now being trialled at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and North Bristol NHS Trust.

The imaging technology, in a capsule no bigger than a pill, can provide a diagnosis within hours.  The capsule will pass naturally through your digestive system, taking pictures of the intestine along the way.

The images are transmitted to sensors attached to a data recorder held in a harness.  The capsule is disposable and will be passed in your bowel movement.

Traditional colonoscopy involves a hospital attendance for an outpatient procedure, where a hospital specialist inserts a telescope into the large intestine (colon).  The new technology means that, after swallowing the capsules, people can go about their normal day with minimal inconvenience.

Dr Ana Terlevich, Consultant Gastroenterologist at North Bristol NHS Trust said:
We are really excited at North Bristol NHS Trust to be taking part in this trial. This new colon capsule service will enable patients to safely have a cancer excluded without the need for an invasive procedure or sedation.
The technology involves swallowing a pill sized camera that takes a video of the bowel. The colon capsule requires minimal time spent in the hospital and our patients will be able to be at home during the majority of the investigation.
All of our patients should be confident that the NHS is safe and is here for them and so if you are experiencing symptoms, please get in touch.

Colon Capsule
Colon Capsule ©Medtronic

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