Prehab Exercise Video Help

We've put to gather a selection of videos to help you with your exercises. Not all the videos will suit everyone, but we'd encourage you to give them a go - it would be worth checking in with your fitness co-ordinator that they are suitable for you before you start.

The Manchester Prehab 4 Cancer Programme has created a range of tools specifically for this purpose and have agreed that these can be shared with other programmes.  Below are a selection of videos that are available, more can be found on their YouTube channel here 

There are pre-recorded videos hosted on the Penny Brohn website which has been developed to support patients and can be found here.

Activity for everyone

Getting you started with exercises

We have a number of videos to help and inspire you to get started with your exercises. Below is the first of these, introducing you to HIT for patients.

There are plenty of other videos to help you along the way. Here's a link to them.