Psychological Services UHBW

Our role is to provide assessment and evidence-based interventions for cancer patients over the age of 16 years within the Trust, when they are experiencing emotional or personal difficulties as a result of a cancer diagnosis. We are able to work with inpatients and outpatients who are under the care of a Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC) Consultant at any point from initial diagnosis, up to two years after treatment.

Typical problems that we might work with include:
• Depressed mood, hopelessness, despair, pronounced social withdrawal, guilt/shame, suicidal thoughts
• Anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive worrying thoughts, insomnia, withdrawal and avoidance (including phobias)
• Relationship problems (e.g. couple communication and/or sexual problems, family conflict etc.)
• Treatment-related difficulties (e.g. non-concordance, procedural anxiety, decision-making etc.)
• Rehabilitation/survivorship issues (e.g. appearance concerns, living with uncertainty, recurrence fears etc.)
• End of life issues (e.g. facing one’s mortality, making decisions to end active treatment etc.

Referrals are made via University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Trust staff members


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