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To help you on your journey to get you as fit and healthy as we can before you begin your treatment

Helping you with Prehabilitation ...

Helping you to prepare physically mentally and emotionally for your cancer journey

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We want to ensure everyone starts their cancer treatment as fit and as healthy as possible.

We are here to help you on your journey to keep you as fit and healthy as possible, in body and mind, before you begin your treatment. We are here to help you to prepare physically mentally and emotionally for their cancer journey and would like to introduce you to the concept of prehabilitation.

What is Prehabilitation?

Prehabilitation is a way to get your body and mind ready before starting surgery, chemotherapy, or other cancer treatments. It's like preparing yourself before a big challenge.

This involves a structured program that considers exercise, eating well, psychological or emotional support, and other helpful activities. The goal is to make sure you're in the best shape possible before beginning your cancer treatment.

We recognise that everyone is different, including their level of health and fitness. This means at the point of cancer diagnosis some individuals will have a high level of fitness, others a low level and most somewhere in between.

  • We want to ensure everyone starts their cancer treatment as fit and as healthy as possible
  • For those who feel they might benefit from some advice on health and fitness, we provide information that can help you to prepare physically mentally and emotionally for their cancer treatment

We are endeavouring to support you in three key areas to ensure you are in the best of health:

How can prehabilitation help you?

There is unmistakable evidence that prehabilitation helps to improve stamina prior to having treatment and aids recovery. This refers to being prepared both mentally and physically to undergo surgery and other intensive treatments.

With cancer there may be a relatively small timeframe available between diagnosis and the first treatment.  Within this time significant progress can be made to enable a major difference to both treatment outcomes and experience.

Being prepared for your treatment will help you in many ways.  This can include physical and emotional benefits as well as better outcomes after treatment.

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© Macmillan

Being active before your treatment

It is recommended to start some physical activity before treatment starts. This is to help improve your general fitness level. It can also help with your recovery after treatment.

Being active before treatment starts may mean you have fewer side effects, or that they are less severe. It can also help you feel more in control and mentally prepared for treatment. It may help you recover more quickly.

Research has shown that increasing your fitness prior to any cancer treatment can have beneficial effects:

  • leave hospital sooner after cancer surgery
  • reduce the chances complications like infections.
  • improved energy levels
  • cope better with the side effects of cancer treatment
  • have more treatment options
  • have better long term health
  • lift mood, reduce stress and improve your quality of life
  • stay healthier in the long run by improving your heart health, muscle strength, and ability to move.

Working with you

Evidence shows that it is important for physical activity, fitness, nutrition and psychology to be a focus before treatment.  We know that everyone will have different needs, some requiring specialist support in preparation.  Everyone is different and your hospital team will link you in with the right targeted support for you.  This webpage is aimed at providing  a universal level of information to help you keep well before your treatment.