Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are a diverse group of professionals who deliver high-quality care across a wide-range of health and social care pathways and across a variety of different settings, from people’s own homes to hospitals.

They include occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietitians, speech and language therapists, lymphoedema therapists and radiographers amongst others. They provide personalised advice and support to patients and also act as a vital assessment, coordination and referral point. These services improve patients’ satisfaction and help the NHS save resources.

AHPs have a significant positive impact in areas including quality of life, physical fitness, wellbeing, mental health, fatigue, communication, mobility, function, nutritional status and pain. AHPs provide connections between community, primary care, social care and healthcare services.

Cancer rehabilitation, delivered by AHPs, empowers patients living with and beyond cancer. Rehabilitation aims to maximise patients’ ability to function, to promote their independence and to help them adapt to their condition.

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